„My experience during the week long training was excellent. Further, practical examples and hands-on training intensified the experience and will prove very valuable should any participant ever be part of an actual accident investigation.“

„Even though the days were long and intense, the course was never dull nor boring, the structure of the contents and the speakers kept all participants interested and engaged. In my opinion, this course should be made mandatory to, at least, all flight safety pilots and all flight safety related representatives throughout any aviation company.”

„The content of the course gave us a deep look at how to conduct an accident investigation. We had enough time to ask our questions and to get comprehensive answers from the experts. The course provided me with a complete look into accident investigation work. We learned the legal framework and obligations, how to interview a witness and how to deal with the emotional aspects of a crew. Very interesting as well was the broad range of practical training. Especially how to behave at an accident site and how to write an accident report was very important for me. In my opinion this course is very helpful for my future work as an accident investigator.“

„As a participant of the Investigation Course I would like to mention that the Investigation Course was one of the best seminars I have ever attended.“